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*~*The RHS BoneLine*~*


I guess this is kinda like a journal of all the important stuff in the section...

10/29/2000:Today was the Central Marching Competition. Amazingly the band scored superior in everything! We were so surprised! As usual Scroday and his pals had to think of some unique way of excepting the award. Willie and Nick carried Scrody to the front of the field when they called our names

11/2/2000:Today was the last football game of the season. Before halftime we made a T-P from all the trombones. Then we danced around it and prayed to the trombone god in hopes of kicking but during halftime. lol We all rocked and played as loud as we could. This was Scrody's last ballgame to march in..... He will be truly missed next year. We will think of him everytime we make a T-P! May you always have the heart of a bone player Scrody!!=)lol

11/13:We took pictures of the t-p today. When I get them developed soon and put them on here!

11/16: Hardly anyone was here to day so Joseph was section leader!!!! OH NO!! Just joking......

12/8: We marched in the Florence Christmas Parade today. Scrody and Nick Olive stuck "bushes" on their heads(don't ask. Sierra got a bad headache from Nick O. beating her hat with his drum stick lol.

12/15: Our band director Mr.Moore is officailly the new assistant principal now. Everyone is saying we're getting some tight wad from loretta. I hope he's not strict. Band's no fun with a strict band director!!!!!